Authority: The marriage license for the couple each issued by the municipality of residence.

Application   (provided by the municipality).

Birth  certificate.

Statutory Declaration stating that:

"I am a resident of the municipality (eg Athens), the marriage is my first or second etc and that there is no impediment to my marriage in accordance with Articles 1350, 1351, 1352, 1354, 1356, 1357 and 1360 of the Civil Code.''

Announcement  in a daily newspaper (two sheets, one for each person).

Both persons must be over 18 years of age.

Divorce papers for those who are divorced   or death certificate if there has been   widowhood.


Birth Certificate ( It must  have the  Apostille Stamp by the competent authorities of the country of origin).

Divorce papers (presented by the country of origin and must have the   Apostille Stamp by the competent public authorities).

Death certificate in case of widowhood (presented by the country of origin and must have the Apostille Stamp by the competent authorities of the country of origin).

Certificate   of celibacy from Consulate in Greece, showing that there is no impediment to marriage.

Both persons must be   over 18 years of age.

Announcement  in a daily newspaper   (two sheets, one for each person).

VISA    or  Residence  Permit.

All documents must be original and must be translated into Greek or by the Greek Consulate in your country or by the Greek Foreign Ministry in Athens (Arionos 10, Monastiraki).

After presentation of the above documents, the Marriage License is issued after 7 days, as prescribed by law.

The couple can then celebrate their wedding in whatever municipality they wish,  stating the date and time of the ceremony as well as the surname that the children that will come from this marriage will bear.

The application should be made before at least one (1) day from the day of the ceremony.

During the wedding ceremony, every person about to be married must be accompanied by an adult witness as to his identity.

What is an Apostille Stamp?

It is a document certifying documents for international use, in countries that have signed the Hague Convention. The Apostille Stamp is required in all the documents you need for the Town Hall and   each paper must have  a separate Apostille Stamp.



Wedding announcement and Invitation. 

Published  in a newspaper which is read and presented in the church.

15 EURO fee for stamp  for weddings. Supplied by the  Treasury (Tax).

Presence of the couple, with their official police identities supplementing the evidence, on the day and time you would have arranged with the priest.

Certificate of being unmarried  and unrelated affinity for each of the intending spouses. Issued  by the priest.

For the straight-forward wedding are needed:

Presence of two adult witnesses with their ID.

Two statements  N.1599/1986 (replacing N.105) on the abode and the   celibacy of the couple. The forms supplied by the WHO or other store (eg kiosks). Fill presence of chaplains and signed by each intending spouses.

Statement  from priest   of two (2) euros for each Certificate. Available from  the   priest.

Special cases:

1) if divorced. Official filed divorce papers , marked "FOR MARRIAGE" (white), which was issued by  the Metropolis, where the wedding was celebrated. In the case of Civil Marriage being dissolved , the official filed certificate of the finality of the marriage from the court that terminated that marriage. Issued   by the Registrar of the municipality.

2) In case of widowhood. Filed death certificate and certificate stating whether the  marriage was a first or second (A or B), the Cathedral Parish nm, birth certificate or a previous marriage certificate , religious or political.

3) If one of the couple lives in  a different parish, the Certificate will be issued the Celibacy Vicar of the Parish. If the Parish of one of the couple belongs to another Diocese where they are committed by this marriage, celibacy certificate should be considered first by the Diocese and then presented to the priest who will perform the wedding.

4) Historically, marriage is celebrated in the Parish of the Bride. If the bride wishes to perform  her marriage, in the Parish, but elsewhere in Attica, it is necessary to pay 50 euros  to the Parish.

5) File for the request of marriage licenses and statements identifying the name of a child is made by the priest,  who ensures that  the relevant documents are completed and signed.

6) If a prior civil marriage between the intending couple , their presentation and copy of registrar's Civil Marriage Act. No new publication in a newspaper, but presented a photocopy of the first, if available.

7) The Documents shall be issued on the same day and should  immediately receive a marriage license from the stakeholders and presented to the priest, to determine the date and time of wedding ceremony.

8) After the wedding, the newlyweds receive from the priest:

Wedding perpetrate statement, signed by the priest, the groom and the bridesmaids or best man.

Assignment  statement with the surname of the children. Two copies, one for each person.

9) The Declaration of Marriage must be   deposited in the municipality Wedding Registry, the bounds of which the marriage took place and it is compulsory within 40 days from the day of marriage (If  late filing, a penalty is imposed). The filing of this statement made ​​by one of the couple or their representative, who carries with him the identities of both spouses


Catholic marriage

Certificate of Birth and Baptism (by priest rather than the municipality).

Certificate of Freedom to marry  (by priest rather than the municipality).

 Holy  Confirmation Certificate.

Both persons must  be  over 18 years of age.

If the couple are foreigners who marry in Greece, they  will require copies of passports of both the couple and the witnesses. And also need permission from the bishop of the place of the bride and groom, that he allows the wedding in another country

All documents must be original and in the case of foreigners who intend to make religious catholic wedding in Greece, should be translated into Greek or the Greek Consulate in their country either by the Greek Foreign Ministry in Athens (Arionos 10, Monastiraki ) and be ready to deposit at least 2 months before the wedding date.


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