Agrotourism as a form of sustainable tourist development and multi-activity in rural areas, shows an  increased demand in the last year, especially from  tourists who are not covered by conventional forms of tourism and are seeking alternative experiences.

Agrotourism offers visitors the opportunity to experience the rural areas, agricultural occupations, local products, traditional cuisine and daily lives of residents, the cultural elements and the authentic features of each region with respect to the environment and tradition. Apart from entertainment, it brings the visitor in contact with nature and the outdoor activities in which they participate, and they feel the joy of touring, learning and discovering.

Through   agrotourism productive, cultural and developmental forces of an area are  also mobilized, thus contributing to sustainable environmental, economic and social development of rural areas.

Experience first hand the production of agricultural products such as beans, wine etc. thematic excursions through the countryside of the island that often end up in a culinary surprise.

Most of the experiential activities are performed on a weekly basis from April to October and on demand in the remaining seasons. Membership requires prior contact with our sales department or book at reception.