In 2013 and for the first time since the launch of the company, we have created   a department of organized events.
The current design and implementation of a marriage requires good information and sound financial management. The hotel's banquet department acts as a personal advisor and provides recommendations within the various budgets for each  wedding service.
What matters for us is to have specific timetables to be able to design and implement your wedding with the result of satisfying your every desire.
The first contact with the customer is very important to follow basic steps such as:
• Detailed account of needs
• Sharing costing and financial budget
• Design at least three different proposals based on the needs of the couple
• Presentation and detailed explanation proposals
• Tasting and inspection - sampling each service included in the proposals
• Final selection and integration services and  budget
• Compilation of a private agreement with a detailed explanation to the customer for each condition, for each section included within the contract
• Finalize the program advances and repayments
* Complete and sign a private agreement of cooperation 
In the second phase, based always on our commitments in the agreement with the customer, there must follow basic foundations on which we are committed to the couple such as:
• Meeting planning services and food & service.
• Meeting planning services and music program
• Meeting planning services and photography - video
• Meeting planning services and decoration - decoration
• Meeting planning and any other selected service
• Designed weekly agenda of marriage and describes the outstanding work of each group in the company and ends with the final reception. Coordinate the team and keep the schedule
• Supervision and coordination of the wedding day whether in the church or in the area of ​​reception. We work closely with the   customer at every stage of implementation.
• Recording impressions from the client the next day in a special questionnaire. We seek the evaluation of couples for our improvement.
We create relationships with all our couples and reciprocate for each service we provide free services through a splendid list. Our services depend on the final composition of the wedding package.