The special effects are touches that highlight moments of marriage and remain deeply etched in memory.

An effect can bring feelings of joy, excitement and prestige of a  guests impression  and delights the couple.

Imagine the time that the lights are dimmed and the couple completes a wedding  dance then spectacular aerial fireworks in directing arrays, fountains and various other patterns  fill the starry sky combined with a selection of music

Ground waterfall fireworks highlight the cutting of the cake or large terrestrial fountains 6 meters high and multiple flashes to highlight the entrance of the newlyweds.

Specialists with the latest technology, with every modern and legitimate means are able to  capture such moments during your wedding.

Many of these services are offered as options for couples on our site. Here are some of those services that really impress even the most discerning on-looker .....

  • Surface Direction fireworks
  • Directed aerial fireworks
  • Cannons projection
  • Cannon smoke or dry ice
  • Moving Heads
  • Laser show systems
  • Lighting Effects
  • Cannons rose petals
  • Projection systems

Many other excellent options

Contact the events section of the hotel and come together to design the best memories of your life